Jerry's Kin is an American adult animated sitcom which premiered on TBS in 2017. The series follows the misadventures of Jerry Cornelius Vanderbilt, a racist , sexist, and homophobic klansman who lives with his paranoid wife (Kate) and his curious son (Rob). The series also shows the rest of Jerry's family which cannot function normally. Jerry's Kin parodies mostly modern American lifestyle and political and controversial arguments.

The series is sometimes rated TV-14, and mostly uses the TV-MA rating. It's gonna be a web show or some shit.


Jerry Cornelius Vanderbilt: The main protagonist of the series, as well as antagonist. Jerry is a member of the KKK, so it's not a surprise that he's racist, homophobic, and anti Semitic. He believes in white supremacy, and tries to rid all the minorities away from his town.

Keemstar: A gnome, and Jerry's best friend. Keemstar usually likes to bully other people, and frame them for things they never die. He is also known to be a rapper (who's shit). His arch enemy is some normal man named Alex.

Jenny: Jerry's sjw/extremist sister, who hates every man on the planet. She seeks to eradicate all the men on Earth, but does nothing about it and usually just complains and bitches online. She acts a like a stereotypical social justice warrior, to the point where he she a Tumblr account on the show, named "killallmen69"

Joey: Cousin of Jerry and Jenny, Joey is a delusional and paranoid man who believes every conspiracy he sees about the government, awaiting his seemingly impending doom. Despite this, he is the most sane of the Vanderbilt family.

Kate: Jerry's saddened wife who's mind is filled with depression and anxiety. She is often abused mentally and physically by her husband, and tries all her might to not make her husband go into a bad mood. Kate is also secretly a prostitute, looking for attention to get from other men.

Rob: Jerry's adopted son who is actually Asian, but is taught to believe that he's white. Rob wants to follow his father's footsteps, but Jerry often uses his son to blame on during his crimes.

Jess: Jenny's girlfriend (and only friend), who praises everything her girlfriend does without reason. She acts like an unfunny "lol so randum XD" type of person who believes her nonsensical behavior and sayings are comedy gold. She is often killed in many episodes, but somehow is brought back to life for unknown reasons.

KKKanine: Jerry's pet wiener dog, who is often dressed in a dog sized klansman outfit. KKKanine literally doesn't do anything helpful in the show. He just keeps Jerry in company.

Jewgel: Jerry's Jewish neighbor who is literally rich and greedy. He is a bagel...that's pretty much it.

Vigilant Christian: A conspiracy theorist who believes that many things are illuminati signs. Not only this, but he is also the head of a super religious organization, "Heavenly. And. Immortal. Life. Sanctuary. Adam. Testament. Always. Now" (HAIL SATAN).

Amazing Atheist: Brother of the Vigilant Christian, and opposite. He is a religion hating atheist who is founder of the group, "God. Obviously. Doesn't. Literally. Inspire. Virgins. Especially. Sorry" (GOD LIVES).